The issues that you face

In this volatile and rapidly changing world, leaders and managers struggle to maintain their own and others performance. This often leaves them feeling frustrated and incompetent. You and your people should never feel that and deserve better.

Growing Vision provide the right development tools, experiences and support to enable your leaders and managers to easily transform into exceptional leaders and managers who engage and develop their people to consistently deliver high performance every day.

What we bring to you

Growing Vision is passionate about grounding, nurturing and freeing individual potential to achieve success every time. We will support your people to make the critical differences that you strive for through collaboratively listening, enquiring and challenging leading to inspirational solutions and practical delivery methods.

Our work is underpinned by the passionate belief that lasting change comes from the inside out; from enhanced awareness and self-esteem comes choice, leading to action and positive outcomes.

Working with us

Managing Director John Garland, is an accomplished facilitator, trainer and coach working extensively with leadership teams to enhance individual, team and organisational performance.

Both challenging and supportive, he enables individuals to anchor behavioural change and enhance performance. Professionally qualified in leadership and management, coaching and mentoring and facilitation he delivers tangible benefits to his clients.

Professional support

An accredited Institute of Leadership and Management Centre (ILM), we have been pleased to work with both private and public sector organisations including aerospace, pharmaceuticals, banks, local and national government and the NHS. Our experienced facilitators, trainers and coaches are all professionally qualified in their fields and members of recognised professional bodies.

Fully accredited with the Association of Coaching (AoC), all of our coaches are committed to the full code of conduct and ethics of the AoC, or equivalent, and are in regular supervision to maintain their professional accreditation.